Vision and Introduction to Services

Mayor Chen Chi-Mai meets Governor of Mie Prefecture.Mayor Chen Chi-Mai meets Governor of Mie Prefecture.

Under the premises of using and distributing limited resources precisely and realizing their maximal effects, Department of Administrative and International Affairs plays the role in coordinating city affairs and supporting the city government through the administrative services. Department of Administrative and International Affairs activates international interchange, presents local characteristics, deepens international friendship. It also creates a safe, healthy, and friendly environment for consumers so that Department of Administrative and International Affairs can be a functional facility both as an assistant and a creative leader.

Department of Administrative and International Affairs is responsible for providing the city government with logistical support and coordination of city affairs. With the goal of helping the major government constructions for the city government groups, Department of Administrative and International Affairs also promotes the following matters:

1.To internationalize Kaohsiung, Department of Administrative and International Affairs serves as the window for city diplomacy which handles matters regarding sister city interchange and international marketing.

2.To promote informatization of documentation and archives, Department of Administrative and International Affairs handles matters regarding official document system, archive management, city administration meetings, and publication of city government gazette.

3.To enhance the quality of public service environment, Department of Administrative and International Affairs is in charge of software and hardware maintenance in Siwei and Fengshan Administration Center.

4.To ensure ethical labor management, Department of Administrative and International Affairs handles matters regarding labor appointment and official vehicle allocation.

5.To reinforce consumer protection, Department of Administrative and International Affairs handles matters regarding the consultation, complaint, mediation, and inspection of consumer disputes. 

Through the abovementioned services, Department of Administrative and International Affairs promotes international visibility, helps promote city government construction, protects consumers rights and promotes services actively and innovatively, hoping Kaohsiung will become an international capital. 

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