Privacy Protection Policy

Dear visitors, Kaohsiung City Government value your privacy. In order to assist your understanding of how your personal information is collected, used, and protected, please read the privacy and information protection policy listed bellow. This can help you understand the policies and principles of collecting, using and protecting net users' personal information when using the Kaohsiung City Government website and its extended services.

*Scope of Application

The privacy protection policies below apply to the collection, use, and protection of personal information when visitors use the Kaohsiung City Government and its extended websites. However, they are not applicable to other websites linked from the website. While you are engaging in any activities on other websites, their privacy protection policies shall govern.

*Collection of Personal Information

Visitors' personal information is collected through the following channels.

Browsing :

The Kaohsiung City Government website will retain the log created by the server automatically, including IP address, log-in time, browsers used and the information clicked when the net users are browsing or checking for information. Except for the supply of your personal information upon consent, our official website cannot and will not locate any corresponding relationship between your personal informa tion and the log.

Others :

Other than supplying your personal information upon consent, you may also provide your personal information such as e-mail address and name in the forum of the website. The provision of such data does not fall within the scope of our privacy policy. In addition, if you contact the Kaohsiung City Government website by writing or reflecting your ideas through other medium, our official website will retain the correspondence and handling records.

*The Use of Personal Cookies and Policies

In order to provide personalized service, we use Cookies to store and trace user data. Cookies refer to the information sent from the website to the user' s computer. Users can adjust their settings using the “Advance” under the “Setup” menu of Netscape or the “Security” under the “Option” menu of Internet Explorer. Users may choose to accept all Cookies, to be notified when receiving Cookies, or to refuse all Cookies. If the latter is chosen, users may not enjoy personalized service or be able to participate in some of the activities.

In general, the website will read and write Cookies in the following circumstances.

For better and more personalized service

In order to provide more convenient and personalized service, Cookies will be generated when you register or log on, and update it when you log off.

To calculate the number of visitors and their browsing habits

We can further improve our service by understanding how visitors are using the pages.

*Use of Personal Information

Kaohsiung City Government website will not sell, rent, or trade any personal information with any other individual or group without prior consent. Only in the following circumstances will our official website share your personal information with a third party in accordance with the principle.

Statistics and Analysis

We conduct research on visitors' number, interest, and activities according to opinion polls, marketing events and server logs. The research is base on the summary and analysis on the visitors as a whole, thus is the case for the information or report announced. We do not offer report on any individual.

*The Sharing and Announcement of the Information

No personal information on the Kaohsiung City Government website will be sold, rent, or traded to any other individual or group without their prior consent. Only in the following conditions will our website supply your personal information for the use of a third party in accordance with this principle.

For enhancing service quality, evaluation, and research

In order to offer the users accurate and quality services, the website may share the users' information with a third party under the protection policy. In addition, in order to introduce further services and for other legal purposes, we may provide your personal information in an anonymous manner.


Our official website is responsible for protecting the users' privacy and personal information. We will not alter, delete, or provide in part or in full any of the users' information or files unless with your prior consent or in following circumstances.

(1) Investigation by legal institutions of Taiwan through the due process of the law;
(2) Violation of the website regulations to the extent of posing threats;
(3) Consideration of extending the efficiency of government websites;
(4) Protecting the legal right to use the website of other users.

*Revision to the Privacy and Information Security Policy

The website will update this policy from time to time to comply with the latest developments in the domain of privacy protection. When major revisions are made, a notice will be posted on the website to inform you of the particulars of the revision.

*Enquiry of Privacy and Information Security Policy

If you have any questions concerning the privacy protection policy, the data collection, use, or user data update, please contact us during office hours at 07-3368333#2507, or e-mail second@kcg.gov.tw

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